Fanatika offers unique training in acting, dramatic writing and direction with Indo-European techniques. At Fanatika, we explore theatre as an interdisciplinary form of Art. A module of 100 hours is designed with European standards and is a unique and rare opportunity in India to formally initiate to theatre through short-term workshops.


The next batch will start on 17 JULY 2017.

Fees: INR 18,000.00

Early Bird Discount: INR 15,000.00 (until 23 June)

For registration and more mail : fanatikatheatre@gmail.com | (+91) 9723452425 / 7016592324

Days: Monday – Friday (Weekdays)

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Duration: 2 months

A dramatic production is undertaken at the end of the workshop.

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2. International Workshops

Fanatika strongly believes in Intercultural Dialogue and International Exposure. We regularly invite theatre artists from abroad to conduct various theme-based workshops in order to explore theatrical practices of other countries as well as their approach to any particular aspect of theatre.

Previous International Workshops:

February 2015

“Extensive Forum Theatre Workshop” with Mr. Flavien Lafosse

March 2014

“Forum Theatre” with Mr. Flavien Lafosse and Ms. Cathy Lumale (France)

May 2013

Forum Theatre by Flavien Lafosse (France)

January 2013

“Invisible Cities” by Nathalie Mentha (Switzerland)

March 2012

Music in Theatre by Nathalie Mentha (Switzerland)

February 2012

Theatre of the Street by Chloé Varailhon (France)

December 2011

Expression without Text: Human Voice and Body in Liberty by Aurélia David (France)

July 2011

Set Design for Theatre by Cassandre Boy (United States of America)

Costume Design for Theatre by Elsa Bourdin (France)

February 2011

Importance and Aspects of Lights in Theatre by Bernard Marescot (France)

September 2010

Improvisation in Acting by Julien Mulot (France)

3. Theme-based Workshops

Fanatika invites Indian theatre experts to train the participants on various aspects of theatre. Our previous theme-based workshop sessions have been with:

Chinmay Shukla on Music Composition and Sound Management for Theatre

Chintan Pandya on Performing Shakespeare

Raveena Dave on Salsa: Exploring the Body and the Space through Dance

Madhu Rye Thaker on Writing and Reading Dramatic Texts

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