Writer: Chinu Modi

Director: Chintan Pandya

Duration: 2 hours + 10 minutes of interval

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For those who have not read or seen Cyrano de Bergerac, it is difficult to realize that Shukdan is an adaptation. Original in its adaptation with a perfect set up in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, Shukdan is a story of love, loyalty and faith.

Shukdan is personifies the rare combination of a poet and a warrior and thus reflects naturally the qualities of the Gadhvis who have, for centuries, been admired by the society for their poetic creativity and impressive war-skills.
Interestingly, Shukdan derives his name from “Shuk” meaning parrot and “dan” the suffix carried by the Gadhvis.

In love with Mankunwar, a Rajput princess, since his childhood Shukdan never gathers the courage to reveal his feelings for Mankunwar. Never bothered of poverty or social status, the only complex Shukdan has is of his looks.
Mankunwar falls in love with a handsome soldier Indrajit. Unaware of Shukdan’s feelings, Mankunwar asks Shukdan to help create favourable conditions for her to meet Indrajit and create further bonds.
Shukdan helps Mankunwar in doing so and helps Indrajit write letters in proxy.Will Mankunwar ever know of the proxy letters written by Shukdan? Will Shukdan ever get to reveal his love for Makunwar?


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