Forum Theatre:

Forum theatre is one of the “theatre of the oppressed” techniques created by Augusto BOAL during the 1960’s to support communities wishing to change social injustice. It is based on the assumption that social reforms and personal development go together. In this form of Theatre, a problematic scene is enacted by the actors trained in Forum theatre. After the scene is over, it is reenacted and the audience which is called spect-actors is asked to participate and change any of the characters’ emotions, actions or dialogues in order to resolve the conflict. The goal of forum theatre is to make people more aware of some problems that they may have not considered previously.

Trainings and Performances:

In 2013, Transindus Foundation invited Flavien Lafosse, an expert trainer-actor of Forum Theatre from France for a day long introductory session on Forum Theatre. The main purpose of this session was to initiate the participants to this unique form of Theatre.

In 2014, we collaborated with Darpana School of Performing Arts and took the training to its second phase with a week long training session with Flavien Lafosse and Cathy Lumale. During this training session, the participants were given an in depth understanding of the objectives and the whole process of creating a Forum Theatre performance.

We created our first Forum performance at Darpana as a part of the training. The performance was for a limited number of spectators, or rather spect-actors as they are called in Forum Theatre but we got a tremendous response in form of both, participation and appreciation.

Our second Forum performance which was based on Learning Methods was for the Apple Global School. The spect-actors of this Forum mainly comprised of the parents of children going to Apple Global School. And, once again the response was beyond our expectations.

On 10th February 2015, we began the third phase of our training. This 4 day long residential training was again conducted by Flavien Lafosse. During this phase, we mostly analyzed our second performance and worked on improving our techniques with a lot of valuable inputs and tips from Flavien.

And on the 9th of May 2015, it was time to put our improved Forum theatre skills into practice for our third performance. As the performance was a part of General Mills’ women’s Day celebration, it dealt with issues related to working women. It was tailor made keeping in mind the requirements of the General Mills, Mumbai, which had commissioned us the project. It goes without saying that the spect-actors’ response was overwhelming and we could create a wonderful Forum.

Hence, after this rigorous and continuous training and the experience of three performances in our kitty, we can now boast of having the required expertise to train groups or individuals who would be interested in this form of theatre. We also offer tailor made performances based on specific requirements like we did for General Mills, Mumbai.

Please feel free to write back to us for any queries on fanatikatheatre@gmail.com.

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