Fanatika offers a unique interdisciplinary training in theatre for children through active pedagogy. The artists and pedagogues at Fanatika are especially trained to facilitate theatre training for children. Children explore and learn the various artistic and technical aspects of theatre as a form of performing arts through various games and activities as well as physical and vocal exercises. In the creative process, they also develop various qualities and skills such as confidence, body language, speech, pronunciation and articulation, presentation, organised thought process, logic and reason, working in group, coordination, leadership, resolving a problem, argue and defend, spontaneity, wit, presence of mind, improvisation and much more…

Fanatika’s Children Theatre Workshop is a Sunday (Weekend) Batch and it usually starts on the first Sunday of July and ends on 25 December (Christmas Day) with a performance by children.

Next Children’s Theatre Workshop will start on 2 July 2017.

Fees: INR 13,000.00

Early Bird Discount: INR 11,000.00

To fill in the online registration form, please click here.

For registration, please write to fanatikatheatreclub@gmail.com


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